My Quotes

  1. We are all born with limited resources but successful make it unlimited through creation and recreation; just like the painter who creates unlimited shades out of 7 shades of colours in rainbow.
  2. Life after death is a mystery so is the woman.
  3. People in the house of adversity reflect humility whereas people in the house of power have a CHOICE.
  4. There is time to achieve anything in Life; but not everything in Life. Hence chose wisely.
  5. Don’t expect to reap the fruits of OPTIMISM when you sow the seeds of PESSIMISM
  6. Honesty, Integrity and Kindness are like the wine. Guard them closely and they will improve with age.
  7. Dreams are sign posts provided you act on them else they remain YOUR DREAMS
  8. Life begins when you begin to live your DREAMS
  9. My mistekas are my choices and so do my successes.
  10. LIFE is like the MIRROR; you SEE what you THINK.
  11. Success and Happiness in life is the by-product of ENERGY, GRIT and WILL within you.
  12. The difference between the successful and not so successful is not the lack of strength or knowledge but the lack of will.
  13. Be who you are and say what you feel because people VALUE who express their opinion
  14. Everything is possible provided you write down your top three problems and then give 100% of your ENERGY to building your solution.
  15. To live your life; be CURIOUS, express OPINION, LAUGH more; bring out the CHILD in you.
  16. Time spent on making a mistake is better than time spent on doing nothing.
  17. Belief is a powerful force provided you believe in yourself.
  18.  Wear the change AND YOUR SMILE
  19. Invest in YOUR SMILE and world MAY SMILE back at you but invest in OTHERS SMILE and world will SMILE back at you.
  20. Nothing HAPPENS by chance OUTSIDE but is CREATED by how you feel INSIDE.
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