Cheer UP

  1. “Failure = You are not finished yet. Success = Prepare yourself for another adventure.”
  2. The best things in life happen UNEXPECTEDLY.
  3. When everyone believes in you but you don’t, you are cheating others. When you believe in yourself but others don’t, they are cheating themselves.
  4. Key ingredient in Life is “how you see yourself ?
  5. Tough time separates Friends from Acquaintances
  6. Good Friends are like Good Books; always ready to LIFT you up.
  7. If you have learnt from your FAILURE; you have not FAILED.
  8. SUCCESS is never SULKING
  9. Loving is being never LONELY
  10. Goal Setting is creating your 20:20 Vision
  11. Just like Flowers bloom the best in a Garden; YOU perform the best in the company of BEST minds.
  12. Being alone is better than being with someone bad. Egyptian Proverb

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