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Success is not doing "3000" things but doing "3" things "3000" times



Adversity, hardships and pain are the best thing that can happen to anyone. Because it introduces you to the

– Muscles you thought you never had.
– Courage you thought did not exist.
– Initiative that you would have never taken.
– Creativity that you would not have touched.

Whenever you come across adversity, hardships and pain ask yourself what is the opportunity in it ?


Past is your Experience.

Present is your Experiment.

Future is your Expectation……..Use your Experience in Experimentation and Exceed your Expectations.

make the difference


In life 97% of the people choose UNHAPPINESS over UNCERTAINTY; and the rest 3% choose HAPPINESS over UNCERTAINTY and make the difference.

Hidden Treasure

It is in the lowest moments of your life, hidden the future of your HAPPINESS, PROGRESS AND SUCCESS.
Next time you are down, don’t despair but strive harder to search for the hidden treasure in your life.

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