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Pearls in the necklace


  1. You are sum of your EXPERIENCES
  2. You are to be BLAMED; if you make AED 100,000.00 whereas you have the capacity to make AED 500,000.00.
  3. Make as many mistakes in Life but remember never to repeat them.
  4. Knowledge is Power so is Love, Honesty and Integrity.
  5. Revolution are brought about not by thinking different but thinking and acting different.
  6. If you jump in the water two things can happen; you can either drown or you will float provided you move your limbs.
  7. In life there is no PROBABLY; POSSIBLY or PERHAPS but either YES or NO.
  8. Think in terms of POSITIVE and you get POSITIVE results and think in terms of NEGATIVE you will get the NEGATIVE results.

My Quotes

  1. We are all born with limited resources but successful make it unlimited through creation and recreation; just like the painter who creates unlimited shades out of 7 shades of colours in rainbow.
  2. Life after death is a mystery so is the woman.
  3. People in the house of adversity reflect humility whereas people in the house of power have a CHOICE.
  4. There is time to achieve anything in Life; but not everything in Life. Hence chose wisely.
  5. Don’t expect to reap the fruits of OPTIMISM when you sow the seeds of PESSIMISM
  6. Honesty, Integrity and Kindness are like the wine. Guard them closely and they will improve with age.
  7. Dreams are sign posts provided you act on them else they remain YOUR DREAMS
  8. Life begins when you begin to live your DREAMS
  9. My mistekas are my choices and so do my successes.
  10. LIFE is like the MIRROR; you SEE what you THINK.
  11. Success and Happiness in life is the by-product of ENERGY, GRIT and WILL within you.
  12. The difference between the successful and not so successful is not the lack of strength or knowledge but the lack of will.
  13. Be who you are and say what you feel because people VALUE who express their opinion
  14. Everything is possible provided you write down your top three problems and then give 100% of your ENERGY to building your solution.
  15. To live your life; be CURIOUS, express OPINION, LAUGH more; bring out the CHILD in you.
  16. Time spent on making a mistake is better than time spent on doing nothing.
  17. Belief is a powerful force provided you believe in yourself.
  18.  Wear the change AND YOUR SMILE
  19. Invest in YOUR SMILE and world MAY SMILE back at you but invest in OTHERS SMILE and world will SMILE back at you.
  20. Nothing HAPPENS by chance OUTSIDE but is CREATED by how you feel INSIDE.
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give value


If you want a friend, be a friend
If you want love, give love
and if you want money, give value
……..its really that simple.

Trust, Respect and Like

PROFOUND WISDOM from Jack Canfield….

“When you always tell the truth, people TRUST you. When you do what you say, as promised, people RESPECT you. When you make others feel special, people LIKE you.”

Challenges are opportunities in disguise

Challenges are opportunities in disguise. Not enough money, losing job, forgetting to remember your loved ones birthday, missing on your sales targets, missing on your healthy living; missing on ….. These are the virtual challenges of future that keeps us awake NOW.

Then why wait for them, starting today create opportunities in your backyard. And to do so script the challenges that have terrified you and on the right side script steps you would take to flip it around. Because Louis Pasteur said, “Chance favors only the prepared mind.”



OPTIMISM is power.   Optimistic people tend to succeed not simply because they believe that everything will turn out right, but because the expectation of success makes them work harder. If you expect little you will not be motivated even to try.

This is the secret discovered by all who succeed against all odds.  NELSON MANDELA, ERNST SHACKLETON, ELEANOR ROOSEVELT ……..…all admitted  what got them through tough times was an ability to focus on the positive


4 Things in life

There are four things in life that you should NEVER do.

You should never lie.

You should never steal.

You should never cheat.

You should never drink.

But, if you must lie; lie to save a friend.

If you must steal, steal a heart.

If you must cheat, cheat death.

And if you must drink, always with friends like you all..Cheers !


Action speaks louder than words…..

Action speaks louder than words………


Beauty is useless unless admired.

Creativity is useless unless created.

Freedom is useless unless exercised.

Knowledge is useless unless shared.

Strength is useless unless applied.

Strategy is useless unless implemented.

Wealth is useless unless invested.


Be the kid again


Be the kid again

1. Do what kids do………laugh
2. Act what kids act…….a kid
3. Attempt what kids attempt ……..a jigsaw puzzle
4. Make what kids make…. ….. a new friend
5. Create what kids create………a disruption
6. Study what kids study……a new subject
7. Spend what kids spend…….time at swimming pool
8. Watch what kids watch……….Tom & Jerry
9. Write what kids write …….scribble
10. Paint what kids paint……… walls
11. Wear what kids wear…..colour
12. Mirror what kids mirror…..faces

Wrong Turn

Many a time you take the wrong turn by standing still.

Ken Olsen CEO of  “DEC” the leading manufacturer of Mini computers systems said who needs PCs and it was bought over by Compaq.  Microsoft missed the search engine foray and now they are bleeding billions of USD with Bing.  Google missed on the social media trend and CEO Eric Emerson Schmidt resigned.


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