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Recognize the best

“You are at YOUR BEST when you recognize the best in other.”


“It does not matter how many resources you have, if you do not know how to use them, they will never be enough.”

Challenges are opportunities in disguise

Challenges are opportunities in disguise. Not enough money, losing job, forgetting to remember your loved ones birthday, missing on your sales targets, missing on your healthy living; missing on ….. These are the virtual challenges of future that keeps us awake NOW.

Then why wait for them, starting today create opportunities in your backyard. And to do so script the challenges that have terrified you and on the right side script steps you would take to flip it around. Because Louis Pasteur said, “Chance favors only the prepared mind.”

Wrong Turn

Many a time you take the wrong turn by standing still.

Ken Olsen CEO of  “DEC” the leading manufacturer of Mini computers systems said who needs PCs and it was bought over by Compaq.  Microsoft missed the search engine foray and now they are bleeding billions of USD with Bing.  Google missed on the social media trend and CEO Eric Emerson Schmidt resigned.


“Doing the Unrealistic is easier than doing the realistic.”

It’s lonely at the top. It’s easier to raise USD 1B than USD 1 Million. Richard Branson could not raise USD 4 million from his banker but he conveniently went on to raise USD 1 billion for the aircraft business.

There is just lesser competition for bigger goals. 99% of the people think they can’t do it and they stick to the mediocrity. Hence the level of competition at the mediocrity is fierce. No value is valued and every mediocre goal reflects a null goal.


“3” Lessons from Leaders

Be a better listener.

Don’t interrupt.

Ask better questions.

Reach your goals


Don’t set easy goals. But set kind of goals that make you stretch and then go

– Find PEOPLE who have been there and help you reach your goals.
– Find BOOKS that help you reach your goals.
– Find UNIVERSITIES that help you reach your goals.
– Find FRIENDS that help reach your goals.
– Find SKILLS that help you reach your goals.
– Find TIME to labour to reach your goals.

And reach your goals……..

Who are Leaders ?

  1. Leaders are Cricketers; they hit boundary with the loose ball.
  2. Leaders are Accountants; they account for their follower’s action.
  3. Leaders are Dealers; they sell hope.
  4. Leaders are Farmers; they grow people.
  5. Leaders are GPS;  they guide people.
  6. Leaders are Immortals; they have “never say die attitude.”
  7. Leaders are Mathematicians; they add value to others life.
  8. Leaders are Optometrist; they provide  Vision 20/20.
  9. Leaders are Physicians; they leave people better than were earlier.
  10. Leaders are Leaders; they lead from the front.




One of the key Success reflections of leaders is asking questions and asking more questions.  Leaders don’t leave answers to assumptions.



Numerous plans, projects and endeavors fail because people don’t ask ENOUGH questions. Next time you have a Project, Plan or an Endeavour to exercise ask questions, ask “5”  more questions and before you start the project  ask  “5”  more questions leaving no answers & doubts to assumptions.



Great Leaders…


Great Leaders…..

In October 1996 he was diagnosed with cancer that had spread to his brain and lungs. He eventually crushed the cancer and emerged a world champion. LANCE ARMSTRONG won every Tour de France between 1999 to 2005 and became the first and the only person to do so “7” times.

He was fired from the company he help set up; then years later was invited back to the Board of the company that was now doing poorly after having their share value down to the lowest. Eventually STEVE JOBS sparked a creative streak within Apple and now it’s the most valuable company in the world beating Microsoft and IBM by over USD 100 billion.

“Great leaders never quit; they rise from cinders”

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