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  1. EDUCATION prepares you for a LIVING whereas FRIENDS prepare you for a LIFE.
  2. The harder you hit the ground the higher you must bounce back.
  3. Learn by observing; Learn by absorbing and Learn by action.
  4. When you make choices;  you chose the consequences.
  5.  Wake up and Live your life full-size
  6. It’s ok to hit the ground hard but then you must bounce back to the pinnacle.
  7. Real heroes are who FAIL; FALL; Flawed but PERSEVERED.
  8. Heart sees the invisible
  9. You want to bring transformation in yourself; Invest your time in Great books, Great people; Great Places.


Napoleon Hill once asked an audience, “What is the average number of times that a person tries to achieve a new goal before they give up?” After several guesses from the audience, he gave the answer: “Less than one.”


Tap into your inner Reservoir

You have a Potential filled reservoir inside you to succeed; the only thing stopping you is your inner critic; that questions your ability to overcome obstacles and succeed.  Stop listening to the inner critic and tap into your inner Potential filled reservoir instead to succeed.

Use of Life

Reach your goals


Don’t set easy goals. But set kind of goals that make you stretch and then go

– Find PEOPLE who have been there and help you reach your goals.
– Find BOOKS that help you reach your goals.
– Find UNIVERSITIES that help you reach your goals.
– Find FRIENDS that help reach your goals.
– Find SKILLS that help you reach your goals.
– Find TIME to labour to reach your goals.

And reach your goals……..

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