BLue Print of wisdom

  1. Under promise and over deliver and you will never be out of money.  Because every HUMAN wants the best value for money.
  2. You will find answer to every PROBLEM; provided you ask the right question
  3. You can be hard, you can be soft; it depends what are you expecting
  4. Goals are Success in sight
  5. Be the Warren Buffet of time management; invest your time where it pays the maximum dividend.
  6. Friends were strangers once
  7. Time is limited resource so is your Breath;  BREATHE deep
  8. DISCIPLINE weighs an ounce whereas REGRET weighs tons.
  9. when you Judge others your reveal yourself
  10. what gets measured gets perfected
  11. Your LIFE is mirror of your THOUGHTS
  12. Friendship is a Happiness creation process

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