1. What is coming to you is better than what has gone.
  2. UNCLUTTER your mind because that is THE WORKSHOP to  create your PRESENT and FUTURE.
  3. Numbers are not important (0 – 9); magic is in what you do with numbers?
  4. Don’t sweat the small things; because smaller weights don’t build the muscles.
  5. Time is a precious commodity, invest it wisely where it matters the most in minutes, hours, days, weeks, months or years.
  6. Learn from the past to invest in your future.
  7. Success smells sweeter when you share it and spread it.
  8. You are MADE and UNMADE by the CHOICES you make.
  9. Set time line for celebrating your goals.
  10. Focus on what you want and Focus on what you want to be.
  11. Ask and Act positive to Attract Positive
  12. Fill your tank with fuel B+  and you will go far and places you have ever dreamt

Cheer UP

  1. “Failure = You are not finished yet. Success = Prepare yourself for another adventure.”
  2. The best things in life happen UNEXPECTEDLY.
  3. When everyone believes in you but you don’t, you are cheating others. When you believe in yourself but others don’t, they are cheating themselves.
  4. Key ingredient in Life is “how you see yourself ?
  5. Tough time separates Friends from Acquaintances
  6. Good Friends are like Good Books; always ready to LIFT you up.
  7. If you have learnt from your FAILURE; you have not FAILED.
  8. SUCCESS is never SULKING
  9. Loving is being never LONELY
  10. Goal Setting is creating your 20:20 Vision
  11. Just like Flowers bloom the best in a Garden; YOU perform the best in the company of BEST minds.
  12. Being alone is better than being with someone bad. Egyptian Proverb

Garden of wisdom

  2. Secret to failure is …PROCRASTINATION
  3. Secret to success is …… maximize number of decisions in a day.
  4. Tip for the day:  The success lies not in What to do;  but what to do first ?
  5. You attract what follows “I Am……”
  6. Only OBSTACLE between you and your goal is your DOUBTs
  7. “Just when the caterpillar thought the world was ending, he turned into a butterfly.” Proverb
  8. Learning is CREATING and RECREATING yourself.
  9. With water and sun acorn blossom into an oak tree; with love and encouragement a child develops into a man.
  10. Remember Definition of Rejection = “YOU ARE WORTH MORE”

BLue Print of wisdom

  1. Under promise and over deliver and you will never be out of money.  Because every HUMAN wants the best value for money.
  2. You will find answer to every PROBLEM; provided you ask the right question
  3. You can be hard, you can be soft; it depends what are you expecting
  4. Goals are Success in sight
  5. Be the Warren Buffet of time management; invest your time where it pays the maximum dividend.
  6. Friends were strangers once
  7. Time is limited resource so is your Breath;  BREATHE deep
  8. DISCIPLINE weighs an ounce whereas REGRET weighs tons.
  9. when you Judge others your reveal yourself
  10. what gets measured gets perfected
  11. Your LIFE is mirror of your THOUGHTS
  12. Friendship is a Happiness creation process

Words have Power


  1. Surefire to lose is QUIT and surefire to SUCCESS is persevere.
  2. Hope, Faith followed by dogged action is the key to unlocking the mysteries of  success.
  3. The journey of QUIT is a journey of least persistence.
  4. Losers are Aggressive whereas winners are Assertive
  5. VISION has nothing to do with eyesight but everything to do with FORESIGHT
  6. You will find answer to every PROBLEM;  provided you ask the right question.
  7. You can be hard, you can be soft; it depends what are you expecting

Words of wisdom


  1. Knowledge + Action = Wisdom
  2. Leader’s Vision creates followers.
  3. Eureka……HAPPINESS is found when you look for the best in others.
  4. Boomerang Effect is when you wish JOY for others it comes back to you.
  6. Consistent optimism leads to consistent wins.
  7. “In every organization, you need Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh”….. Uday Kotak founder of Kotak Mahindra
  8. Why most of the NEGATIVE words begin with D ..Destroy, Danger, Dead, Demolish, Detonate, Dark, Doubt, Disbelief, Distrust?



  1. EDUCATION prepares you for a LIVING whereas FRIENDS prepare you for a LIFE.
  2. The harder you hit the ground the higher you must bounce back.
  3. Learn by observing; Learn by absorbing and Learn by action.
  4. When you make choices;  you chose the consequences.
  5.  Wake up and Live your life full-size
  6. It’s ok to hit the ground hard but then you must bounce back to the pinnacle.
  7. Real heroes are who FAIL; FALL; Flawed but PERSEVERED.
  8. Heart sees the invisible
  9. You want to bring transformation in yourself; Invest your time in Great books, Great people; Great Places.

Beads in the Necklace


  1. In life you can’t  avoid DISAPPOINTMENTS but you can certainly LEARN from them.
  2. If you want to PERFORM first class then treat yourself first class.
  3. You want to fuel your energy; Smile at others; with others and for others.
  4. We all have wings but few know how to use it.
  5. When you embrace the uncertain; life opens up unusual NEW paths.
  6. Change Creates Opportunities
  7. Success is your ability to rise above your discomfort.
  8. We live in a world where perception is reality.  It takes time to build perceptions and takes even longer for perceptions to change.
  9. Dream big and identify the genius in your craziness
  10. Always the beautiful answer who asks a beautiful question

Diamonds in the necklace


    1. Tip for the day : If you are struggling at work; you may not be delivering enough value.
    2. It takes sustained hard work before you get lucky.
    3. Your Doubts are like the pot holes in the road that slows you down.
    4. You fight the best when your mind is at rest
    5. Unless you vision it you can’t create Your future
    6. Social  engagement is the best University of LEARNING.
    7. Don’t let your past define you BUT PREPARE you.
    8. Everyday live your life BIGGER, BETTER but with COMPASSION
    9. You will find happiness, contentment and Satisfaction when you stop comparing yourself to others.  BUT this does not mean you vegetate, set your goals and make progressive progress towards your goals.


Pearls in the necklace


  1. You are sum of your EXPERIENCES
  2. You are to be BLAMED; if you make AED 100,000.00 whereas you have the capacity to make AED 500,000.00.
  3. Make as many mistakes in Life but remember never to repeat them.
  4. Knowledge is Power so is Love, Honesty and Integrity.
  5. Revolution are brought about not by thinking different but thinking and acting different.
  6. If you jump in the water two things can happen; you can either drown or you will float provided you move your limbs.
  7. In life there is no PROBABLY; POSSIBLY or PERHAPS but either YES or NO.
  8. Think in terms of POSITIVE and you get POSITIVE results and think in terms of NEGATIVE you will get the NEGATIVE results.

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